Our Story

Welcome to our online store! A little bit about us, as a company and as individuals, which we wanted to share with you all 

We are family run business that started early this year of 2020, as we had a dream, for several years, to source some of the best home interiors accessories that money could buy but, more importantly, also be affordable.

Over the years we noticed that many of the home accessories you could buy, were straight from the factory, were far from unique or individual, and many were produced in bulk (normally by the thousands), without thinking about where the materials from the products even came from! With sustainable products needing to become the new norm instead of buying from a factory line, we were determined to start up our own business, that provided the best quality, were sustainable and on-trend for you to buy. That's why we started with sourcing direct from Scandinavia, one of the the most impressive places for quality items in the world for furniture and accessories.

We are also passionate about people, giving the best service, products and standards that you should expect from any business, whether online or in a shop. The standards should be the same, no excuses, which is why Price & Coco was born, to give people a chance to fill their home with beautiful Scandinavian items that will last for many years to come and you will have peace of mind that all our items are unique, many of them are made by hand so all individual and we will always be on hand to answer your questions whenever possible before and after your purchase.

So, welcome again to our store...enjoy!