Inspiring Scandi Interiors

Scandinavian design oozes minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

With this design, there’s a heavy focus on colours and finishes. Inside a Scandinavian home, you can find natural materials and textures, neutral colours and clean lines. All the decorations used serve a purpose and that’s how the rooms become so warm and inviting. The style embodies a sense of cosiness and it allows people to feel at ease when they walk into the room.

Incorporating Scandi designs is easier than you think, below we give you a few tips.

1, Paint the walls white - Brighten your space and use textured to add the colour

2, Incorporate neutral tones - Different textures and shades of wood with rugs and throws

3, Rattan - Scandi design loves rattan, but dont over use. Kepp it minimal but as a focal point with a chair or small side table

4, Minimalistic - Keep it simple, all minimal furnishing, less is indeed more when it comes to Scandi

5, Greenery - Use artificial, real plants or stems. It adds colour and texture before thinking about upholstery or other decor accessories.

6, Layering - Probably one of the most important points, learn to layer with throws, cushions, blackets and rugs.. this adds the most texture to your room with little brain power needed

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