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▫️ Mango wood ~ facts ▫️ Mango trees, famous for producing lots of juicy perfection, usually lose their fruit bearing capacity after about 15 to 20 years, after which the wood is harvested. Mango trees do produce a lot of wood. In only 20 years, they can reach 130 feet in the air and a trunk size of over 12 feet! In contemporary Buddhist culture, the tree symbolizes happiness and good fortune Like bamboo, Mango wood grows rapidly and in abundance. It's a very versatile plant that can withstand all variations in any tropical climate, living in regions as diverse as the Caribbean, Southern Europe, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines Mango wood's texture is certainly unique. Though a densely grained hardwood, it's also relatively soft. This unique texture makes mango wood malleable enough to construct all sorts of furniture and accessories Mango wood is, fundamentally, the byproduct of an already thriving industry. Unlike the big towering oaks of North America and Europe that can take 50-100 years to mature, mango trees mature very quickly; reaching 80-100 feet in around 15 years. Once the trees get too tall to easily harvest the fruit or stop bearing fruit altogether, they are harvested for timber and a new generation of trees are planted. Harvesting wood that was previously left to break down naturally not only provides extra income to mango farmers, but provides furniture manufacturers with an affordable material that’s easy to work with and can be made to resemble conventional wood choices like oak, maple and teak. There are two beautiful hand carved Mango Wood vases on our website with 15% off for new orders Shop and website in bio 👆🏻🤍 Happy Saturday 🤍🤍 #homeinspo #roomdecoration #bohodecor #decoration #homeinteriors #homegoals #homeaccessories #homeliving #homesweethome #bohostyle #bohochic #scandinaviangirl #scandinavianstyle #scandinavianhome #interiordecoration #scandinavianinterior #interiordecorations #home #boho #homeinterior #Scandinavian #homestyling #mangowood #mangowoodvase

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